Economic Concerns of Slaughterhouse Towns

What are the economic impacts of a slaughterhouse located outside of the city limits, but within the city utility district? (This company will have full use of city utilities, and yet will pay no city taxes.)

 Our research shows:

  • Meatpacking and processing plants change the demographics of their communities. Studies show that the sudden influx of immigrants and high population turnover characteristic of the slaughterhouse industry creates a host of social problems for communities including, housing shortages, increased demand for social services, strain on schools and local infrastructure and health care and increased crime.
  • Host counties experience rising poverty levels associated with the presence of slaughterhouses and low paying jobs.
  • Property owners in our city and county are concerned by the studies and articles showing   that slaughterhouses hurt property values.

Residents of Woodville & Tyler County Say NO!

As residents of Woodville & Tyler County, we are strongly opposed to the building of a meat processing facility in Tyler County. Let us UNITE as citizens of Woodville and surrounding areas to ONE VOICE.