Concerned Citizen of Tyler County

Who Are We?

This group is composed of people throughout Tyler County, including 2,000+ who have signed a petition that was circulated for only a couple of weeks. We also have an opposition Facebook page with over 3,000 members. We believe this slaughterhouse poses risks to our health, water, air, and quality of life that are too impactful! The disturbing health and environmental record of these types of facilities is well established all around the nation.

Furthermore, we oppose the uncompensated damage an influx of hundreds of low wage jobs would inflict upon our schools, property values, medical community, law enforcement, welfare services, and roads.

In addition to the organized group of citizens united against this slaughterhouse, our County Commissioners have approved a resolution in opposition to the slaughterhouse, you have also expressed your opposition in your own statement. In addition, State Rep James White held a town hall
meeting regarding the slaughterhouse all to no avail. This plant has been rejected by multiple counties, cities, and communities. It has been made very clear that they intend to build and operate in Tyler County regardless of the concerns the community has, and because they feel we are powerless to stop them.

Since the news of this slaughterhouse came to light in May, we have learned that, by law, our county does not have the statutory authority to restrict businesses through permits and licenses.

We have also learned from our city, that by law, it must grant and provide utilities (water and sewer) to East Texas Packing because, even though it will not be in the city limits, it is in the city’s CCN. This has truly been a sobering experience for our citizens and confidence in the right of self determination by the people has been shaken!

Our Mission

We intend to stop the proposed slaughterhouse/meat-packing facility through informing our community and engaging action!

We are using legal, technical, and political pressure at every turn to achieve that end. 

Get Involved Today! Sign the petition.

GoFundMe Campaign

ETPC has declined to help build trust and bring healing to the community by providing an environmental impact study. Please help our community raise the funds needed to conduct an independent study.